Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Function a Day

An interesting new piece of news appeared on Zend's Developer Zone just a few days ago. A new PHP site has been opened, by Paul Reinheimer and Courtney Wilson and it is called Function a Day.

I find the idea interesting and indeed I spent some time browsing it today. The first time I heard of it the site was not up yet, so that is why the delay in posting this. The idea is simple, post a new PHP function once a week; explaining what it does and how it works. A great idea, in my opinion, since it is not uncommon for people to redundantly write PHP code to perform actions that there is a well defined and explain function for in PHP's core library. I know I am guilty of that sometimes myself too even.

In on itself, the site is elegant, beautiful, and it does the job very well. It is not a tutorial site per say, which is good since we already have those tons around the internet. Still, the function in question is usually explained in less documentary fashion than PHP's own manual, which by definition can be a bit tedious to read sometimes.

For anyone interested, I suggest taking a look.

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